Ken’s Poems


And off they go to plant Democracy,
And ‘venge the reckless bombing of the Twins.
They find a Hell of sand and scalding heat.
But armor, none, and no necessities.

“Success,” cry those who never went to war,
and never saw a comrade blown to bits,
and never feared for life from day to day,
and never thought to hurt a parent’s heart.

Forget the blood left soaking foreign earth
and body parts flung to the fiercest winds.
all innocents are euphemized away.
The falcons, home at last bear hooded brains.

“Support the troops,” our politicians cry!”
How can they when the whole thing was a lie?


What means this atmosphere of pearly pink
that permeates the essence of my being,
that renders me quite helpless in its wake,
a helplessness I recognize as bliss?

That threatens my tranquility of mind
and brings instead a lusty, gusty wind,
a trembling in the marrow of my bones
sweet vertigo and tumult take command.

All logic lost, in vain I seek my sense
and searching find only dazéd joy
and wonder at the wonder of it all
no answer, either bright or meager comes.
So sweet, what causes this that I speak of??
One thing, alone could do it. Love!

Surrendering, I willingly give in
then with delight, I choose to let it win!


Of all the traits that humankind displays,
a heart of kindness is the haloed best.
Sadly so, it also is the rarest.
absent in the makeup of most people.

There, we find the Seven welcomed warmly.
of all, we see that Greed becomes the favorite:
“For me! All mine! Accumulate more gold!,”
seems to be the life blood of the nation.

Just forget the poor, the sick, the homeless
They don’t exist, except perhaps on lists.
So buy a car, a condominium
And travel, party, and, of course play golf.

Average man in pain is sunken deeper
“Tough,” you shout, “I’m not my brother’s keeper.


A day.
A gray day.
Not a hint of blue
Comes through.
No green
Can be seen.
It’s a gray day.
I say.
No crack
Of black.
No white
In sight.
Just a gray day.
A gray, gray day.
No bright yellow
To mellow.
Certainly, no red
It’s gray.
All gray, today.
No hues –
Strike the noise
Of turquoise
Just the gray.
Gray. A Gray day.
No brown.
A frown
No purple either
For a breather.
No link.
To pink.
A ban
On tan.
Of Orange, no sign
No bright design
Indigo? None.
The gray has won.
Only gray,
Gray, gray, gray.
A day.
A gray day.
A gray, gray day!
Everything is . . . GRAY!