Mood Indigo

What happens when a powerful connection forms between two damaged strangers?
Found injured by the side of a road, Bill Ward suffers from retrograde amnesia. Having no recollection of his past, he feels like a nobody. Romance is definitely not an option for a nobody. Jazz singer and piano player Johnny Desmond, on the other hand, is emotionally dead from the ultimate betrayal. But from the moment their eyes meet, there’s no fighting it, and with their friends’ encouragement, Bill and Johnny decide to get to know each other.

Bill’s memories are hovering at the edge of his mind, tormenting him with fear and doubts about what he has to offer. Johnny also has a past—one that could endanger his life. It might have been love at first sight, but it will take courage and commitment to see it through to love that lasts forever.

I sometimes read a book that I think about for days after I finish it, but very rarely do I read a book that I just have to read again only days after I read it, and never by an author I have never read before! Mood Indigo is very special to me, because that is exactly what happened with this book! “Bill” has no idea what is real name is, what his past is, or how he got the injuries that wiped his memory and left him lost and so confused. Bill goes into a piano bar one night and is captivated by the piano player, the piano player that starts playing Mood Indigo, seemingly just for him. Bill runs out of the club and doesn’t think he will be going back. Plans change however…. Johnny has a painful past, an ex he would rather not remember, and a host of painful memories to remind him why he shouldn’t get involved, but he can’t shake the need to get to know Bill. These two deserve a chance at happiness, but between Bill’s memories which may be returning, and ghosts from the past that mean one of the men harm, will they get the chance? You just have to read this book friends, brilliant is just tipping the iceberg! Thanks Ken, for a wonderful read I will read for the third time soon! I received this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
– Bike Book Reviews

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All By Myself Cover-kb

All By Myself

Mitch Donnelly and Grady Gilmore are two damaged souls. While walking in Central Park, novelist Mitch finds actor Grady in terrible distress, digging up the grass as if he can bury himself in the ground. After hearing the story of Grady’s long-time partner’s betrayal, Mitch is afraid to leave him alone, so he invites him to stay in his spare room until he feels better. Mitch understands—he lost his first love in a car accident.

Upon Grady’s arrival, Mitch is much happier and his writing improves. Grady, with Mitch’s constant support, auditions and is cast as Iago in a production of Othello. Attraction slowly blossoms, but each man has been so terribly hurt in the past, both are afraid to act on it. With the encouragement of Emma Latimore, Mitch’s outspoken landlady and friend, and constant chatter from a parakeet named Tweet, Mitch and Grady might find the courage to face their doubts and find a second chance at happiness.

All By Myself is my favorite Bachtold. It seems with each successive novel the author finds new and tender ways to draw the reader into his world. All By Myself is a story about love, about the fear to love, and about the dehumanizing effects of lonely isolation when the fear overwhelms the urge to love. Although the story may be meant for the gay population, its themes — and characters — are universal. The characters are tender, yet biting; brave, but shy; confident, yet deeply unsure of themselves. Alone each has a burden that has not only cut him or her from the world but also from the true nature of his/her being. Bachtold’s magic, however, brings these otherwise disparate individuals into dialogue and relationship. The unfolding of these relationships is sheer poetry.

If you haven’t read any of Bachtold’s works, read this one! If you have read previous works, read this one! You will be happy to be human … to live in a world in which Mitch, Grady, Em, Sarah, and Brandon come to life to save us from the paralyzing judgments we have of our own lives. Be kind to yourself, read All By Myself.
– lily prosperity (Amazon Review)

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Seeing The Same Blue

Dustin (Dusty) Rhoades isn’t looking for a relationship. He’s tried them before, with disastrous results, and decided he’s better off on his own. So he focuses on his professional life as a landscape architect. Cliff Benson is convinced he can’t have the relationship he wants. His father is as homophobic as he is wealthy, and has made it perfectly clear he expects Cliff to get married. Dutifully, Cliff proposes to society girl Alyson, works in his father’s law firm, and accepts that he has nowhere to turn. When Dusty meets Cliff at Cliff’s engagement party, the attraction is strong and instantaneous, but when Dusty admits his feelings, Cliff backs off. Dusty suggests they proceed as friends, but they are too drawn to each other. Just as they both finally agree they want more, Alyson’s suspicious brother outs them, risking everything Dusty has worked for.

This book about love,destiny, family and friendship will leave a big smile on your face! These themes are familiar but drawn here with heart, humor and humanity never seem trite.
The characters and plot are creative, interesting and well developed. Ken Bachtold’s attention to detail in both is to be commended. Neither are superficial.
Also as a bonus, this author has done his research and depicts many interesting facts about New York, it’s people and horticulture, among other things. I appreciated that the author picked careers for his characters and locations that he knew and understood and could therefore incorporate interestingly into the story line.
This book is ” a quick fix” for lifting spirits and as is true for ALL good romances, just maybe believing that there is someone out there for all of us…with a little help from a friend.
– KKomments, NYC (Amazon Review)

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Blue Valentine Blues

When Josh put a blue valentine in the class box for Bobby Prentice in fifth grade, he just wanted to show how much he appreciated his best friend. Years later, both the ridicule he suffered and his unrequited feelings for Bobby have followed him to the university where they both teach. Bobby would like to say many things to his friend, but he doesn’t know if he can find the courage in himself that he admires in Josh.

The stories in this book,in my humble opinion,explore emotions and human behavior IE being hurt in love, deciding never to love again(to protect oneself) then succumbing to the overwhelming need to love and be loved…to open up all over again and take a chance. That is what relationships are,anyway…taking a chance. I see these stories as modern day fantasy tales,in which nearly everything in them (people,new situations)seems to be perfect but the message I get is “It is not wrong to reach out” no matter how many times we have been hurt. All really good fantasy fiction teaches us something…most times something very good.
– Vera (Amazon Review)
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Love Like Lightning

Love at first sight. Does it exist? Or is it just a lovely fantasy? Just ask the 10 men featured in these stories! Take JOSHUA CRANDELL for example, he was very surprised. Afterward, he could never quite explain what, after many years, had prompted him to turn right into the gay bar. After many failed relationships, he’d virtually given up on ever finding the romance, actually love long-lasting. The one man sitting alone at the bar glanced at him, his well-shaped head only slightly turned. Josh was stunned. There sat the most beautiful man he’d ever seen. The fellow smiled slightly and very slowly turned his barstool fully around facing Josh directly for a moment. With an involuntary intake of breath Josh saw that the right side of that beautiful face was badly scarred. Josh protested in his head that he wasn’t that kind of guy. He stepped forward and purposely crossed to the right side stool and sat down next to this man. “Hi, I’m Josh. Or Joshua, if you insist on formality,” he quipped. “What?” the guy replied. “You want to talk to the poor disfigured guy, pat yourself on the back and then leave, having done your good deed?” “Look,” Josh said, “Let’s start over. Hi, my name’s Josh.” He held out his hand to shake. In return he got a look that was still suspicious. But after a time, the guy said, “I’m Andrew, or Andy, if you want to be less formal.” He slowly and, obviously, reluctantly, held out his hand. Their touch was electric.

As someone who himself fell in “love at first sight”, I highly recommend reading these stories. Being alive should be all about love and romance without which there is little hope. The pure excitement and raw emotions felt while reading these stories can renew that hope in anyone as falling in love at first sight can happen anywhere-at the beach, on the street, etc IF you are emotionally aware and looking. 25 years later, I still relish that first sight feeling every night when I kiss him goodnight.
– Ralph (Amazon Review)
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Starting Over

“Starting Over” a stage play

“Starting Over” was recently presented at the 9th annual Fresh Fruit Festival in New York. It has been directed and/or acted in numerous different stages nationwide. For more information please contact Ken Bachtold directly.